Endless Pools

Swim year round, outdoors in New England?!

Sounds crazy but now you can with the Endless Pool Fitness Systems available at Precision Pool in Amesbury.

But this is not your fathers Endless Pool. Completely redesigned vessel by Watkins manufacturing, a global leader in hot tub manufacturing and the BMW Design Center. You can now get the perfect swim and a beautiful backyard centerpiece.

Endless Pools created the swim in place industry with their swim machine current system way back in 1988. Their patented design that replicates an open water swim has yet to be matched in the industry. It’s no wonder over 20,000 swimmers have enjoyed the ultimate swim experience over the last 30 years, including elite athletes and the everyday weekend warrior.


What is the Endless Difference?

Swim Machine

Endless Pools offer the best-in-class swim currents. The Endless Pools resistance current gives you the ability to gain strength and muscle tone without straining your joints – built right in. You’ll have the versatility to train, recover, and improve.


Challenge yourself with an optional, multi-speed Underwater Treadmill.  Go for gentle underwater walking or an invigorating run, then reward yourself with relaxing hydrotherapy.


The swimming machine creates a smooth current in the center of the pool to swim against. The smooth current keeps you in one place and provides you with a good cardiovascular workout.

R-Series: RecSport Recreation Systems

The new RecSport series from Endless Pool provides a high quality affordable exercise pool that easily fits your backyard and your lifestyle. With 3 airless swim jets and 3 comfortable spa seats you can get your swim in, and relax with family and friends.

The open swim area is designed to provide maximum space for swimming, water aerobics, or just splashing around with the kids. The 12′ and 15′ swimming machines offer a variety of options.

The Recsport series offers a great blend of fun, and fitness. For pricing and more info please fill out this form.

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E-Series: Endless Pools Fitness Systems
With Swim Machine

The Fitness System line is the signature product from Endless Pools, the laminar swim machine has been the basis of the company going all the way back to 1988 when the first prototype was produced.

The swim machine uses a hydraulically powered propulsion system that is capable of providing up to 5,000 gallons per minute of smooth laminar water flow.

Within the Fitness System models you will also find the availability of the only non-commercial grade underwater hydraulic treadmill. This offers another level of aquatic fitness experience that no other swim spa on the market can match.

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X-Series: Swimcross Exercise Systems

The jetted Swimcross experience from Endless Pools provides unlimited aquatic therapy at a tremendous value.

It’s unique turbulence free jets do not inject extra air to manufacture resistance. This allows for a much smoother swim than competing jetted swim spas.

Endless Pools uses a venturi system to suck in more water from the front of the jet, giving it up to 40% more power without the additional horse power from the pumps. This gets rid of the fire hose problem often faced with jetted swim spas

The 5 swim jets are powered by 2 high speed pumps and provide 5 levels of swim resistance to match novice and advanced swimmers. But swimming is not the only way to get your workout in with the swimcross systems. Resistance band systems offer great workouts with rowing, or resistance based movements and exercise, all with the low impact benefit of water.

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