Why Precision Pool?

  • In house design: Custom to scale 3D designs for every project
  • Stronger Construction: We never use vermiculite for pool bottoms- Only 2000 psi Gunite
  • Softer Surfaces: 2lb density foam under liner on all sitting and walking surfaces in the pool
  • Energy Efficient: Eco-friendly variable speed pumps and high flow cartridge filters standard on all pools
  • Innovative Design Elements: From our popular new SpaDeck sun shelf step to custom benches, and water features.
  • A Complete Backyard Experience: Not just pool builders, we design and build the whole outdoor living experience. Pool, patio, firepits, sitting walls, outdoor kitchens. We are there to realize your complete vision.
  • Service After The Sale: Yearly openings/closings, weekly cleanings, in store water testing and support

Types of Pool Projects

Vinyl Liner Pools

Our most popular pool design in the New England region. Vinyl liner pools offer a perfect solution for varying climate and landscape because they are highly adaptable. With their flexible vinyl lining, they can withstand the freezing winters  without the risk of cracking that concrete pools may face. This durability ensures longevity, allowing families to enjoy their pool season after season. Additionally, vinyl liners come in a wide array of colors and patterns, providing homeowners the opportunity to customize their pool to complement their outdoor aesthetic. The smooth surface of vinyl liners is gentle on skin, enhancing the overall comfort and enjoyment of pool time.

Fiberglass Pools

When investing in a fiberglass pool, you are creating a long-lasting oasis that will provide endless relaxation and joy for the whole family in your own yard! Fiberglass pools are known for being the easiest to maintain, featuring robust and durable materials. With a focus on durability and personalized features, these pools require minimal upkeep unlike gunite pools. They are delivered to your doorstep fully equipped for installation. The process is quick and painless, getting you swimming faster than any other form of installation. Fiberglass pools are crafted using a combination of interwoven glass threads and polyester resin, creating a remarkably durable material that is perfectly suited for in-ground pool construction.

Above Ground Pools

Summer is all about gathering with loved ones and making lasting memories. Our above ground swimming pools are  crafted to elevate your outdoor experience. The premium steel series Distinction LX embodies a fusion of cutting-edge technology and contemporary design. By combining innovation and style, we deliver top-tier above-ground pools that excel in both form and function. Easily assembled, these pools will have you enjoying the water in just a matter of days.Available in 12’, 15’, 18’, 21’, 24’, 27’, 30’ round.

Complete Backyard Design and Construction

What is the Precision Pool Construction experience? It is more than a pool, we know you have a vision for a complete outdoor living environment for your family. A custom designed swimming pool is just a part of that vision. With the shorter seasons here in Massachusetts we help you build a setting that lets you enjoy as much time as possible in the backyard.

Undivided Attention

We only take on a small number of backyard projects per season so we can focus our attention on giving you exactly what you want and make sure the quality of construction will stand the test of time.

Realistic and All Inclusive Pricing

What separates our capabilities from other pool builders is that we contract the entire backyard project. The pool, patio, fence, electric, grading…it is all taken care of in house by Precision Pool. When you receive a quote from us it takes all of these things into account. This means our quotes might be a bit higher than other builders, but it’s a realistic cost for the complete start to finish backyard project.

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