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4 Reasons To Book a Fall Pool Installation

As we start moving into the home stretch of summer and pool season many homeowners are still considering a 2011 in-ground pool installation. At this point many builders like us are already booked for the remainder of the summer but that doesn’t mean you can’t have a pool installed this fall. As a seasonal pool builder we love booking fall pools, the weather is cooler and easy to work in, and it extends our season right up until the ground freezes. As a homeowner there are also many benefits to a fall pool construction. Here are 4 reasons why booking your new pool installation for this fall may benefit you.

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1. Maximize your first summer swim time.

If by July or August you still haven’t booked your in-ground pool installation chances are there won’t be much swim time left by the time your project is completed. But why wait until next spring to book your pool and miss out on some of that gorgeous spring early summer swim time? Here at Precision we had most of our summer pools booked by the end of April and some that booked in May are just getting started now, obviously in a construction business like this start dates are based on first come first serve. In order to avoid losing precious summer pool fun building your pool in the fall may be the way to go. Your pool contractor can have your pool built and ready to swim in October, close it down, and then you are all set to open in May and jump in!

2. Splitting Up the Installation Costs

When building an in-ground pool people often forget one of the biggest costs on the project is the pool deck. Arguably the pool deck is an even more import aspect of your backyard then the pool itself and you want it done right. Some pool decks if done in stamped concrete of paver patio blocks can be as much if not more than the actual pool. However homeowners can split up these two high costs when doing a fall installation. Ever year we build fall pools right up to the point where we are ready to install the pool patio and then we stop. The customer then has us come back in to spring to install the patio giving them time to save up some more money and spread out the cost of their pool project. What is also nice about this type of installation is you are able to let the earth around the pool settle through the winter before you put the deck in making for a better installation, especially in poured concrete decks.

3. A Usable Yard When You Want to Use It

This kind of ties into #1 but it is an element of installing an in-ground pool that sometimes gets missed. When your pool contractor shows up to start your project your yard becomes a messy dug up construction site. For one you have a giant hole in the ground and then a few big piles of fill next to it. These piles of fill often contain large rocks and debris that take up a lot of space in the yard. If the dirt we dug out is good fill we often use it as part of the back fill or in a lot of cases it can be used to level the grade of your yard. Now if you are installing a pool in the fall, especially late fall the yard might not be getting as much use and thus the big hole and piles of dirt won’t affect you and your family as much as it would if it were in the middle of the summer.

4. Zoning Boards and Conservation

Now for many homeowners zoning and permit issues may never be a problem when trying to build in in-ground pool, but if you have a small yard or worse are on wetlands getting a permit could take longer than you think. Recently we have dealt with a few small yard pools and wetlands installations, in these instances securing your building permit takes a couple trips to the conservation commitee or the building department before you are ready to build.

In the case of a smaller yard property line setbacks may require that the pool has to be re-designed to fit within the restrictions or a variance will need to be securred. Both of these options take time and can delay installations.

If your plot is located on or near wetlands it can be even tougher to get your pool installation approved. There are many precautions and additional steps towns want you to take in order to insure the safety of the wetlands. This requires your and your contractor to go before the conservation comitee and present your plans. Conservation commitee’s usually only meet once a month and are first come first serve, this can make it a long and frustrating process to get the pool approved. However by starting your process in the fall there is not as much pressure, and you have more time before swim season to get all of these issues settled.

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As you can see there are many significant benefits to a fall in-ground pool installation. If you think you may have missed the boat and will call again in the spring, don’t! Call now, as the sooner you get your local pool contractor out to the yard the easier your project is going to be.

Here at Precision Pool Construction we are currently quoting pools for spring 2013, there are a limited number of installation slots available. If you are in North Shore Massachusetts or Seacoast NH please do not hesitate to give us a call for your free site evaluation.

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