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How a Hot Tub can help you sleep...

How a Hot Tub can help you get a better night’s sleep

America has a problem, a sleeping problem. With all the stimulants of the modern world we just are not sleeping like we used to. A recent study has found that hot water therapy particularly hot tub use can help those of us who are having trouble catching some Z’s.

A Hot Tub Puts You Into a Relaxed State

This one is kind of obvious right? We all know that hot tubs can be the ultimate setting to just chill out, enjoy and drink and clear the mind. Yet if we think about why as a culture we are having trouble a lot of it goes back to our brains being over active, we can’t shut it off.

Think about it we get up at 6am or earlier, get the kids up and ready for school – sit in traffic -work our butts off all day – sit in traffic again- go to sports practice – make dinner – help with homework – then think about how we have to do this all over again tomorrow!

There’s no break!

Then add to that getting work emails on our phone, keeping up with Facebook, and being bombarded by digital media everywhere, there is just too much stimulus.

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We need some time to calm ourselves down, release the stresses of the day and CLEAR THE HEAD. This is where a hot tub comes in. It gives us that time away from the screens and the emails allowing us to do nothing at all and enjoy the experience of being outside with nature under the stars.

What about the Science of Hot Water Hydrotherapy?

While it is easy to talk about the intangible benefits of owning a hot tub there is real science at work when it comes to how a daily spa soak can help with sleep issues.

Did you know that your body temperature actually drops while you sleep? In fact your internal 98.6 starts going down about 2 hours before sleep and gets to its lowest point about 4 or 5 in the morning.

This drop in temperature actually helps the body enter the relaxed state needed for sleep. Therefore if we increase the body’s core temperature before sleep and create a steeper and more rapid drop in body temperate it will accelerate and deepen that state of relaxation.

This not only helps us fall asleep faster, it puts the body into a much deeper sleep.

Hot Tubs – A more natural sleep aid

With so much of the populace having trouble getting a good night’s rest it is not surprising that there are so many ads on TV about different over the counter and prescription sleeping pills and pharmaceutical sleep aids.

By using the science of hot water and our sleep biology as discussed above we can use a hot tub as much more natural and holistic approach to or insomnia.

So the next time you find yourself reaching for the Zquil think about taking a ride to your local hot tub dealer and discover how hot water hydrotherapy can help put you to bed.

BONUS CONTENT: Sleep is not the only great health benefit to hot tub use, discover what a hot tub can do for your quality of life and download our free Hot Tub Health Benefits Guide.

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