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How Much Does It Cost to Replace an In-ground Vinyl Liner?

When you have a vinyl liner in-ground pool the time will come where you will need to replace the pool liner. This is often 10, 15, even 20 years down the road but eventually the day will come. Liners can fade and become brittle from the constant sun, chemicals, and plain old weathering. The good news is when replacing your vinyl liner its almost like giving your old pool a fresh face lift, it will feel new again!

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The cost of replacing a vinyl liner in a swimming pool will depend on a few factors:

A new vinyl liner can come in anywhere from $3,000-$5,000 sometimes more sometimes less. That is why unless you have a straight regular rectangle pool your pool company will need to see the pool first hand before making any accurate quote.

So what determines the cost on a replacement pool liner?

Size and shape of the pool: Of course the bigger the pool the more the liner will cost. If there is a special shape to the pool or steel covered steps and bench seats these will also add to the cost of the liner.

What condition is the pool in: The better the pool has been taken care of then the cheaper the replacement liner will be. If a pool has constant leaks that have gone unattended over the years then you can expect an up-charge to repair the damage done to the walls and bottom of the pool. Excessive leaks over time will contribute to the erosion of the pool bottom and walls. If the walls become too corroded then you may have to install a foam layer over the walls to protect your new liner from the roughness of the rust.

What condition is the floor of the pool in: A liner replacement will cover all minor repairs to the floor of the pool. If you have a stone dust or sand bottom in the pool then it will need to be raked and re-troweled before the new liner goes in. If there is a hard bottom (vermiculite, concrete, gunite..) then any divots, dents or cracks with separation need to be filled. If there is extensive damage to the bottom of the pool (wash-outs, large cave-ins) then there may be an extra charge to repair these issues.

Cost to replace a vinyl liner

What condition is the coping in: The liner snaps into a track at the top of the pool which is referred to as coping. Coping is a vital element in replacing a vinyl liner in a swimming pool. Aluminum coping will corrode over a period of time and plastic coping has a chance of becoming brittle down the road. You need to inspect the coping to make sure a new vinyl liner will be able to be properly hung at the coping edge. If you do not repair the coping before replacing your vinyl liner it could lead to the liner failing very prematurely. If the liner begins to fall out of the coping then the liner will begin to shrink and re-pulling it back into the coping could prove to be a very difficult task.

In ground pools with all of these items in good order will have a vinyl liner replacement cost of approximately $3,000-$5,000.00 depending on the size and complexity of the liner. A pool inspection is a must to give an accurate cost to replace the pool liner in your particular pool. Your pool professional should be looking for these items to price the job correctly.

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