Nov 13

In-ground Pool Installation Pictures Rowley, MA

Well its November and getting a little cooler here in Massachusetts but we are still hard at work installing some beautiful in-ground pools. Today I wanted to put up a couple of pics from an in-ground pool currently in progress in Rowley Massachusetts. We started this job the end of last week and we just finished the plumbing and concrete pour yesterday.

I have been shooting video of the entire pool installation process and currently working on editing it for the website. We are putting together a collection of videos showing you our entire construction process, and when we start our other pool installation in Newburyport MA next week I will be keeping a daily blog of that entire project as well.

I’m really excited about all the great content coming out here on the blog the next few weeks and hopefully those of you interested in installing a new vinyl liner in-ground pool will get some good information out of these coming posts.

Here are a few pictures from yesterdays work on the new pool in Rowley.

Oasis Pool Design- Steel and plumbing installed

Oasis vinyl liner pool installtion Rowley MA

Here we see the Oasis pool shape with the steel and most of the plumbing compelte. This pool features a swim out bench seat and an in-florr cleaning system.

Plastic pool steps

plastic pool step installation in Rowley MA

Plastic pool steps in the shallow end

Setting up to wheel in concrete for the shallow end

concrete shallow end

This picture foreshadows the more interesting part of our day……wheeling in the concrete by hand and dumping it down this chute….in the dark! One of the downsides of installing pools in November is if the concrete truck shows up late your working under spotlights. We have plenty of video showing how all that went down which I am hoping to have up Monday or Tuesday.

Hayward pool skimmer installed

pool skimmer and leaf catch installation

Here is our standard Hayward wall skimmer on the left and on the right you see the leaf canister which is part of our Paramount in-floor cleaning system. This canister is connected to the bottom drain and holds a leaf bag that catches all the leaves coming through the bottom drain.

Pool built on down slope prepped for retaining wall

oasis pool construction Rowley Massachusetts

Notice how the pool is being built down grade in the yard. The customer has a large back yard with a pretty big slope to it which leads to a lot of water running off towards the pool. We have installed an under drain de-watering system in this pool as well and we filled the entire pool in 3/4″ stone to help with ground water issues.

We will also be building a stone retaining wall along the back ridge that you can see here. The wall will run the entire length of the pool and blend into their paver pool patio. The stone is being delivered next week and we should be getting started on the wall soon.

In-floor cleaning system being installed

in-ground pool Paramount in-floor cleaning system installation

Installation of the Paramount in-floor cleaning system is the last part of the pool to be plumbed before concrete is poured.The return lines are split into zones of 2 heads each, each zone pops up in succession pushing dirt and debris towards the bottom drain in the deep end. The lines in the shallow end will be poured in concrete and then cut in once the liner is installed.

More to come…..

We will have much more on this installation in the coming weeks including; pictures, video and articles explaining our entire pool construction process. We have video coming from the pool excavation all the way to the liner installation that we will get up as soon as possible so keep checking in or subscribe to the RSS feed below so you don’t miss any updates on this vinyl liner pool project.

If you live in Rowley MA or in the neighboring towns and are interested in having a new in-ground pool installed this spring get a head start and request a free pool estimate right here on our site. We are already lining up our spring jobs and don’t want you to miss out on any summer swim time, just use the link below or give us a call at 978-388-2585.

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