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New Product: Dolphin DX robotic pool cleaners

A few weeks ago we talked about the different types of automatic pool cleaners in the blog: A simple Guide To Automatic Pool Cleaners.         dolphin_logo.gif

Today I wanted to feature a specific robotic cleaner that is new to the market and that we will be carrying at Precision Pool.

It is called the Dolphin DX series by Maytronics.  Maytronics offers 3 versions of the DX series robotic pool cleaners; the DX 3, DX 4, and DX 6.

In my opinion self contained robotic cleaners are the best option for in-ground pools, and the new Dolphin DX cleaners are a great addition to the market. Let’s break down the features of these new dolphin pool  cleaners.

The Dolphin DX 3

The Dolphin DX 3 model cleaners are a great entry level robotic cleaner; it boasts a 3hr cleaning time, a 55’ cord, and a 12 month parts and labor warranty.

  • Scrubs, vacuums and filters the pool in just 3 hours.
  • Extra powerful brushing performance.
  • Large self-contained inner filter bag collects dirt, debris and even dust particles.
  • Independent unit – no pre-installation needed, no connections to pool system.
  • Self-programmed for optimal pool scanning.
  • Low voltage = Low energy consumption – costs less than 15 cents to clean the pool.
  • Small, lightweight and easy to handle.
  • Easy maintenance.
  • 12 month warranty- spare parts and labor.

The DX 3  vacuums the pool floor and pool cove, it does not however climb the pool walls or scrub the waterline. If you are looking for a robotic pool vacuum and don’t need anything too fancy, the features and price point on the DX 3 will fit you just fine.

Dolphin DX 3 at Precision Pool Amesbury MA

The Dolphin DX 3

Dolphin DX 3 Retail Price: $799.00    

The Dolphin DX 4

The next model in Maytronix new DX line is the Dolphin DX 4. The DX 4 adds to the DX 3’s feature set with a 65’ cord length, 2.5hr cleaning cycle, a carry caddy to wheel it to and from the pool, and a 24 month parts and labor warranty.

Dolphin robotic pool cleaner Peabody, MA

The Dolphin DX 4

  • Scrubs, brushes, vacuums and filters the entire pool – floor and walls.
  • Large self-contained inner filter bag which collects dirt, debris and even dust particles.
  • State-of-the-art most advanced self-learning scanning program, optimizing pool coverage.
  • Climbs and cleans the walls.
  • Environmentally-friendly cleaning process, requiring fewer chemicals.
  • Low voltage – low energy consumption.
  • Reduces need for pool cleaning personnel.
  • Equipped with caddy for handling and storage.
  • Easy maintenance.
  • Warranty 24 months – spare parts and labor.

The biggest difference in the DX 4 however is that unlike its little brother the Dolphin DX 3, the DX 4 climbs up the pool wall all the way to the waterline. This means the DX 4 truly cleans your whole pool automatically. This will save you from not only vacuuming the pool floor but brushing the pool walls as well.

Now this will not be a cure for a strong stubborn algae on the pool wall, when that happens manually brushing the walls is needed. But it will take care of young algae and dirt as well as waterline debris.

Dolphin DX 4Retail Price: $1249.00

The Dolphin DX 6

Now the Dolphin DX 6 really is the Mercedes of robotic pool cleaners, the features included with this cleaner are pretty impressive for a residential cleaner.

  • Scrubs, brushes, vacuums and cleans pool floor and entire wall surface and water line.
  • Large ultra fine inner filter bag collects dirt, debris and even dust particles.
  • State-of-the-art advanced scanning program for efficient and optimal pool coverage.
  • Dual motor for flexible and precise performance and scrubbing.
  • Wireless remote control offers a choice of automatic or manual commands.
  • Multiple cleaning parameters and programs: regular, ultra clean, lap pool, water line.
  • Patented swivel prevents cable tangling.
  • Low voltage = low energy consumption – costs less than 15 cents to clean the pool.
  • Equipped with caddy for handling and storage.
  • 24 month warranty – parts and labor, non-prorated.

Not only does the DX 6 cleaner climb the walls but when it gets to the water line it stays and scrubs the water line using a separate scrubbing motor. This is great if you get a lot of waterline scum and debris.

I like the idea of having multiple cleaning patterns that you can use to let the DX 6 clean only the section you need. Say you have a waterline ring forming around the pool but the pool floor is clean, all you do is set it to water line and it will go around scrubbing the water line and nothing else. It also has a floor only program that will do a  quick clean of the pool floor only and not the walls.

This helps the dolphin DX6 be one of the most energy efficient cleaners available because you have better control over how long the cleaner runs.

Maytronics Dolphin self contained pool vac Danvers, MA

The Dolphin DX 6

DX 6 Retail Price: $1499.00

Let this robot do the work this summer

Overall the robust design of the DX series pool cleaners and their various feature sets provides pool owners with a self contained robotic cleaner to fit a variety of needs and price points.

Unlike last year we are having a great hot balmy summer, so its time to enjoy the pool not clean it! The Dolphin cleaners are the perfect upgrade to keep you enjoying your pools more this season.

For our local readers we are now stocking the Dolphin DX3 and DX4 at our Amesbury store. The DX6 will be special order only at this time.

If you have any questions about the DX series auto pool cleaners leave a comment below or shoot me an email at [email protected].

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