Mar 19

Opening Your In-ground Pool In March May Not Be a Bad Idea

pool opens green in spring

The forcast for Amesbury, MA says we will be topping our at 83 degrees on Thursday March 22nd! This is not good for the thousands of pools covered and not running around Massachusetts and New Hampshire. With the mild winter we are already expecting most pools to open up green, but add these mild March weeks and we could be looking at some pretty narly algae come late April and May.

Our friends down at River Pools and Spas in Virginia just put up a great post that covers this topic, in it the author Marcus Sheridan explains how he recently opened his pool and even though it was early it was still nice and green.

Read the River Pools Blog here >>

At Precision Pool we already have many pool owners signed up for early April openings and I highly suggest more in-ground pool owners follow this trend. Another point made in the blog post above is in regards to operating costs. Most pool owners don’t want to open their pools due to the high electricity costs of their pool. This is why I will be writing another blog post this week regarding variable speed pumps and why they are now a must have for any in-ground pool owner. You could be filtering you pool for a fraction of what you are currently paying and you wouldn’t care when you open you pool!

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