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What To Expect From a Weekly Pool Cleaning Service

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Nobody likes swimming in a dirty pool, but also nobody really likes cleaning a pool either. You have to drag out the vac hose, get it primed, skim the water line and deal with all the junk that has taken over your baskets and pool filter. Its for reason’s like these that most pool companies offer some sort of weekly pool cleaning service. This takes away the hassle of dealing with your pool so you can just come home and enjoy crystal clear water.

Services like this are great but it is good to know what to actually expect from a pool cleaning and maintenance service company. First let me say this, if you want a complete hands off pool maintenance service you would need to have someone out to your house almost everyday, otherwise there will be some tasks you will have to do here and there.

What does a pool cleaning service technician do once they are there?

  • Check pool equipment and verify that everything is working properly
  • Clean out skimmer and pump baskets of all debris
  • Vacuum pool bottom using portable service vac or the pools own filter system (it is preferred that you hire a system that uses their own vac system in order to lessen the load on your own pool equipment system)
  • Remove large debris and leaves from bottom using leaf rake
  • Skim the water line and clear of leaves, sticks, pine needles and other debris
  • If neccessary clean out or backwash filter to relieve pressure and restore flow rate
  • Test and balance the water chemistry
  • Fill chlorinator or chlorine packs if neccessary
  • Leave a written report of work done and chemicals used that visit
  • Now it is important to note that the cleaning service can only be responsible for the cleanliness of the pool once he is done and immediately after he has left. All it takes is the wind to start blowing or a thunderstorm to roll through blow a bunch of debris back into the pool. This actually happens a lot, as pool guys you would think we would keep a better eye on the weather!

    You May Still Need to Do a Little Work

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    All joking aside there are going to be times during the week where the the service technician has not come out to the hose yet for the weekly visits and the pool needs to be vac’d again. For a lot of my clients once a week is fine and sometimes maybe too much as the filter system runs great and there are not a ton of trees in the yard, but for others once a week is not nearly enough. Every pool and yard is different and it is important that you discuss this with your pool service company before and during service. If the pool cleaner comes on Thursday and your pool is dirty again come Monday, you may need twice a week service.

    Also when it comes to water chemistry and most importantly chlorine levels you should always be checking your water yourself once a week even if you have pool cleaner. Especially a summer like we had last season here in Massachusetts when it was all sun and record heat, that eats up chlorine fast. If your pool is clouding up a few days after your service tech leaves you may need to test and shock the pool yourself.

    Because of these things it is not uncommon for us to have a client who signs up for a weekly pool contract and then a few weeks in switches to 2 times a week, and vic versa. You should work with a pool service company which can adapt its cleaning and maintenance plan to fit your pools individual needs.

    If you’re in need of pool cleaning service in the North Shore Massachusetts area or Seacoast NH please contact us here.

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