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hot tubs in the snow

12 Awesome Hot Tubs In The Snow

These pictures show why snow covered winter is the BEST time to own a hot tub!

There might not be a better way to spend your winter than nights under the snowflakes in 104 degrees of soothing hot water in your backyard hot tub. The ultimate winter staycation!

hot tubs in the snow gallery

This Marquis Spas Mirage model is sunken into a deck at this winter resort, right next to the sauna, that’s what I call paradise!

built in hot tub snow

While at Precision Pool in Amesbury MA we typically only sell portable hot tubs, I thought this picture of a built in spa was awesome, very inviting. Just keep in mind built in spas like this are usually a lot more costly to operate in the winter than a “portable” hot tub.

best time to use a hot tub

The closer to your house and a door your hot tub is placed, the less shoveling you will have to do to use your spa when it snows. While the setting looks great, it would be even better closer to the house.

This is a promotional photo from Jacuzzi (yes one of our competitors!) but love the shot. Look at the base the spa is sitting on, that is a spa EZ-Pad. We can use these types of plastic hot tub pads in place of concrete slabs that are pretty much impossible to pour in the winter months. This allows us to get your hot tub installed on a level surface any time of year.

We can all dream can’t we!

Who needs to shovel to get into their hot tub? Not this guy! He the snow is so deep it looks like a built in spa.

Um … Ski-in Ski-out condo and a hot tub! Sign me up for wherever this resort is. Beautiful Bullfrog Spa to take care of those muscles after a long day on the slopes.

This picture is from a ski resort in the Alps….can’t beat that.

round spa in the snow Massachusetts

A classic looking hot tub in a classic New England snow setting.

Perfect setup!  Close to the house for easy access but no compromise on the view. I could see this set up in a New Hampshire winter rental.

Plenty of snow to hold your beer while you soak!

igloos hot tub

Wait….is this real!!???!

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