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The 5 Best Hot Tub Brands in America 2018 [Updated]

This is an odd post from a local hot tub dealer who sells only 1 or 2 brands of spas, but I often get asked by customers who are shopping, what are the best hot tub brands?

I often rattle off the following names, and let the customer know if they are looking at these brands then they have done some good research and are looking at the best of the best.

The following list is in NO PARTICULAR ORDER, thats because they all make a great hot tub and you really can’t go wrong with any of these companies. Are there only 5 good hot tub manufacturers out there, of course not, but I wanted to limit myself and this post to what I think are the top 1%, cream of the crop spa brands out right now.

I used a few factors in deciding one who to include on this list, mostly it came down to experience with the brands over my 18 years in the industry, as well as company longevity, overall quality, and product innovation.

2018 Best Hot Tub Manufacturers

Hot Springs


Hot Springs is one of the older names in the business, and sell a huge volume of hot tubs in North America.

Hot Springs Spas made the push in the last 3 years to really transform what the traditional hot tub design looks like. With the help of the acclaimed BMW design group they redesigned the high end Hot Springs Highlife Series models and created the NXT spas in 2015. In 2018 they redesigned their Limelight series with a much needed refresh. From all accounts the new Limelights from Hot Spring have been selling like crazy. With Hot Springs you might pay a little more but their constant iteration of design and elegance will always make them one of the top brands in the business.


jacuzzi best spas 2015

You can’t have a top 5 list of hot tub brands without Jacuzzi, they pretty much invented the product category. The Jacuzzi brothers pioneered the hydrotherapy pump system way back in 1956, when hot tubs were just wine barrels. Today they continue to produce world class spas, and their new j-500 series designer spa is one of the best looking hot tubs on the market right now.

Bullfrog Spas

bullfrog spas best hot tub companies

BullFrog Spas has not been around nearly as long as some of the other hot tub brands on this list but they are well deserving. This Utah based spa manufacturer started up in 1996 and quickly made its mark on the industry for its innovative take on hot tub jetting systems. Having patented the JetPack Bullfrog made it possible for hot tub customers to basically build their own spa hydrotherapy experience. Each spa has Jetpack consisting of a different jetting system, these Jetpacks can be taken out and moved from seat to seat, or upgraded for different Jetpacks as new styles are released.

Caldera Spas

In 2018 going into 2019 we have decided to take Dimension 1 off this top 5 list and replace it with Caldera Spas. Caldera has gone through many advancements since 2015. Their Utopia Series spas are one of the most comfortable high performance luxury spas out there. You just do not see seats sculpted to your body the way Caldera does it. While their Vacanza and Paradise series spas are probably due for a little refresh themselves they are solidly built.

I think the best thing about Caldera is the amount of space you get. They have a way of making their 7’x7′ spas feel like 8’x8′ spas. If you have a big family, or big family mmebers, check out Caldera.

Marquis Spas


Marquis is an independent employee owned company that has been making a quality hot tub since 1980. Like most of the other spas on the list they have been around a long time. They have been rated #1 in initial quality by the independent Trade Certified Organization in the Spa category that rates the top spas manufacturers in the industry. Their exclusive HK40 40 gallon per minute HOT ZONE jets are some of the most powerful jets in the industry and their idea of high flow low pressure has made them one of the top spas when it comes to deep tissue hot water massage.

Their recent launch of the Celebrity Elite series in 2018 has been a huge boost to their overall sales. They took the design language from their Vector Series, 2 tone modern cabinet and the multilevel seating of their old Eseries line and created a mid-level spa line-up that will be tough to beat.

Again this list is presented in no particular order and is just to be used as a reference for shoppers looking to learn ONE hot tub salesman’s opinion on the top hot tub manufacturers and brands in the country based on 16 years experience in the industry. If you are looking for a quality , therapeutic backyard hot tub experience you can not go wrong with any of the companies above. You should also make sure that you buy your spa from a good local dealer who has a good service department and been around for a good amount of time, as a hot tub brand is only as good as its dealer.

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