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7 Amazing Health Benefits of Hot Tub Use

7 Ways a Hot Tub Can Improve Your Quality Of Life

Hot tubs are one of the ultimate backyard luxury items. I don’t think there is anyone who wouldn’t want to have the fun of a big hot bubbly outdoor water park at their own home. Yet a hot tub is so much more than just a family entertainment vessel, they are good for you too. Humans have been utilizing the power of hot springs and hot baths since the Roman empire, and for good reason.

Read on below to find out how regular hot tub use can help your health and wellness.

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1. Lower Stress

For most people just the thought of soaking in a 104 degree hot tub at the end of a long day brings them a feeling of peace and tranquility. The combination of hot water, soft ambient sounds of the running jets and waterfalls, and the mood setting led lighting all add to a peaceful escape right in the comfort of your own backyard.

We all know how a hot tub makes us feel, but the truth is there is science to back up why a hot tub soak helps relieve stress.

Stress can sometimes be an abstract term we use to describe our physical, mental and emotional state. There are many aspects of the hot tub soaking experience that can help relieve daily stress and help you live a healthier life.

2. Lowers Blood pressure

By increasing your bodies core body temperature your heart works harder and helps dilate your blood vessels. This helps lower the blood pressure throughout your body.

Studies have shown that just 10 minutes soaking in a hot tub at 102 degrees was enough to lower blood pressure even in people with hypertension.

3. Improves The Quality of Your Sleep

The hot water benefits of lowering blood pressure and putting the body int a more relaxed state is perfect for people who have trouble sleeping. The effects of hot water therapy in a spa or sauna have been proven to help people achieve a deeper more relaxed sleep state. Just a 30 min soak 30mins to an hour before bed was shown to be enough to achieve these results.

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4. Chronic Pain relief

At Precision Pool we have many customers who come to use seaking to purchase a hot tub t help with their chronic back or neck pain. A lot of times these customers are looking for a small 2 to 3 person spa nothing too fancy. Almost every time I start talking to these customers about their pain issues they say that their doctor told them hot tub therapy would be a great way to relieve their pain issues.

The pulsing action of the high flow therapy jets penetrates deep into muscle tissue to loosen up tightness and break up fascia tissue.

By entering water the buoyancy effect makes our bodies feel 90 % lighter! This helps take pressure off of sore joints and restores range of motion. This would allow pain sufferers to also perform therapeutic stretches and light exercises that they could not perform on dry land.

5. Arthritis relief

“The research shows our ancestors got it right. It makes you feel better. It makes the joints looser. It reduces pain and it seems to have a somewhat prolonged effect that goes beyond the period of immersion,” says Bruce E. Becker, MD, director of the National Aquatics & Sports Medicine Institute at Washington State University in Spokane. From an article on

The same buoyancy effects we talked about above for chronic pain will obviously work wonders for arthritis sufferers.

6. Skin Treatment With Microsilk

A few spa manufacturers have taken one of the most highly sought after home bath industry upgrades and added it to their hot tubs. This system is called Microsilk, it is only available in a select few models, and a couple of manufacturers at the moment but it is a great evolution of home hydrotherapy. The microbubbles created by the microsilk system get deep into your pores to flush out impurities and leave your skin feeling silky smooth.

It has been used very successfully in the treatment of skin conditions such as eczema and psoriasis.

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7. Relax and escape

Sometimes the key to living a healthier lifestyle is just giving yourself some time to clear you head and relax. Put the cell phones away turn off the tv and go out and look at the stars while letting the hot water and pulsating jets do their work.

For years hot tubs have just been looked at as a highly desired, frivolous luxury product and status symbol. Yet, in today’s high paced frantic c 24 hour world the health and quality of life benefits that can be achieved from a daily hot tub soak are undeniable.

Now with spa manufacturers making models ranging from $4,000 to $15,000 and 2 person therapy spas to 8 person hot tubs, there is a model to fit any size and budget.

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