Jan 15
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Can You Put a Hot Tub On a Deck?

Where Can You Place a Hot Tub?

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As you see in the video the answer is absolutely yes…..if you have a deck that is built to code. If you are a Massachusetts resident looking to buy a hot tub, the building code for decks is it has to have ability to hold 100lbs per square foot.

Our biggest hot tub is the Marquis Spas Euphoria. It measures 90″x90″ and holds 400 gallons. The filled weight is 4100lbs roughly.

At 56sq.ft. that means the Euphoria displaces about 73lbs per sq.ft. on a deck, well within the limits of a properly built deck.

ANother thing to make sure with any hot tub platform is that it is perfectly level. You do not want 4100lbs of water weight to go to work on your acrylic shell.

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