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Got Hurricane Sandy Pool Cover Damage? There’s a patch for that!

Using a Patch on Your Pool Safey Cover

Ultra Patch Safety Cover Patch

In the aftermath of Hurricane Sandy in the north east many pool owners might find some damage from flying branches and debris. In this video we visit an in-ground pool in Peabody, Massachusetts that had a little Sandy incident which led to a small hole in the cover.

In order to keep the hole from tearing any further and ruining this custom safety cover we need to get the hole patched up. Fortunately for us there is a product called the Ultra Strip safety cover pool patch. In the video below I will show you how simple it is to put on… long as the hole is close to the edge of the pool.

Pool Cover Patch Video Demonstration

As you can see the cover patch is a simple peel and stick fabric that is made of similar material so it reinforces the cover when applied. In this application the hole was just barely in reach from the edge of the pool. When I layed across the cover because it is a safety cover it will support my weight but it would also get me a little wet. I was just barely able to keep myself supported enough above the cover to keep from getting too wet so that was a good thing as it is November and it is starting to get a little cold in New England.

If the hole happened to be in the middle of the pool we would have make a judgement call as to whether the hole is small enough that we could wait until spring, or if we need to take the cover off and patch it immediately. IF like this hole it is near a seem and separating from a seem I recommend patching it now. You most likely spent a lot of money on the quality safety cover and the warranty does not cover punctures so make you patch it as quickly as possible.

How Much Does a Safety Cover Path Cost?

Due to the material of the patch (just like the cover itself) it is a little expensive. We retail them at our store in Amesbury at $44.99. You can find these anywhere from $39.99 –$ 54.99. The kit includes 2 patches 3” x 5” in size. You can cut them into small pieces to use on smaller holes as well.

Bottom line if your $2,500 cover has a small hole it is worth a $45 patch to keep a small hole from completely ruining your in-ground pool cover.

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