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How much does an in-ground pool cost?

How much does an inground pool cost?

Typically this is the first question everyone has when deciding to look into installing a new swimming pool in their backyard. The problem with the answer to this question is there are so many variables that go into building a pool it’s hard to say. When meeting with a customer for the first time I try to get a feel for what their budget is, this helps me guide them to options I feel are worth spending the money on.  Most customers do have a budget in mind before they contact us; others just want what they want.

Its not just a pool its a new backyard………..

Another thing to consider is the pool cost vs. the actual total project cost; often times the pool can be less costly than say the decking that goes around the pool or the fence they chose to install. When talking to a customer I always talk in terms of the whole project cost, this makes choosing the pool and the options that go with it easier. For customers with a firm budget, this is really to only way to do it.

Lets look at a scenario shall we?  Say I meet with Mr. and Mrs. Jones who are looking to install a pool in their backyard. They are not too sure what a pool actually cost, but they know they have about $40,000 to invest in their backyard.  Forty thousand dollars may seem like plenty of money to complete a backyard project, and it can be, depending on the choices they make.  After discussing shapes and sizes they decide on a pool that will cost $19,000 to build.

Ok well $19k doesn’t seem bad at all, that leaves them $21,000, now they have to decide what additional options they might like to add to the pool they chose. Some examples are as follows:

Those are just a few examples of options one can add to the pool.

Just adding 2 or 3 of the above options can take a $19,000 pool to a $30,000 pool fairly easily. Most of lour customers opt for the steel steps covered by the liner as well as the bench seat and in-floor cleaning system. Those are by far our 3 most popular pool upgrades and add anywhere from $8-$10,000 onto the cost of the pool.

The often forgot decking and fence costs

Now Mr. and Mrs. Jones have to decide what material they want to use for the decking around the pool, and how much of it they want.

Typical pool deck sizes are around 1000 sq/ft and materials can range anywhere from $8.50 a sq/ft for typical concrete to over $16+ sq/ft for pavers. That brings the cost for the pool patio to $8-$16,000 and we still haven’t fenced in the yard. As you can see it is crucial to not ask how much an in-ground pool is, as in reality you are budgeting a backyard project and the pool is just one piece of that. If you call a pool installer and ask for a price on an inground pool, of course they will tell you t hey have pools starting at $16,000, but that is just not realistic for even the most basic of pools. The biggest reason for that answer is that most pool installers just install pools, which is fine, but here at Precision Pool, we design and build backyards. Because of this when we meet with you we are trying to budget an entire project from the pool, to deck, to fence, because it is all intertwined.

Some other in-ground pool expenses to plan for:

  • Is the backyard already fenced in?  If not make sure to budget that in as well.
  • Is there any need for a retaining wall because the grade of the backyard isn’t level?
  • Don’t forget the cost of wiring the pool, or running a gas line if you chose a gas heater.
  • How are you going to fill the pool? Are you going to use your garden hose, or truck it in?

These are some of the questions that are addressed when meeting with a new pool prospect. All too often I hear of people who had a pool put in, who signed on the dotted line before ever really knowing the true cost of what they were trying to accomplish.  I’m sure we would sell a lot more pools if we said “ Sure we can do that pool for $19,000  just sign here,” but we would end up like a lot of pool installers, with unhappy customers  who would never recommend us to their friends.

My partner Sean says it best; “It’s not your pool we’re after, it’s your friends pool,” and it’s true. If we are upfront with the costs associated with the project and do a great job that is on time and on budget, it is more likely that you will recommend us when your friends are looking to install a new pool.

Being an educated pool buyer will save you time and money.

inground pool prices MA

Can we complete a project in your backyard for $40,000? No problem, can you double that cost? Very easily. Bottom line is, know what is involved in installing a pool in your backyard, and ask as many questions as you can. Barring any unforeseen issues, when we quote your pool, the numbers are all on paper, and 99% of the time what you see is what you pay. This should be the case with any good pool installation company. Remember, its not just a pool, it’s a backyard project!

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