Aug 28

Shock your pool during early spring heat waves

With the recent dose of warm weather making its way through New England early this spring, pools that won’t be opened for another month or so could start to develop algae growth under their cover earlier than usual. A lot of our customers who have had their pools for many years were in the store this weekend, looking to get ahead of the problem caused by this April heat wave.greenswimmingpool713936av3.jpg

Now we should never complain about an early taste of summer, but it can be rough on your un-opened swimming pool. This is especially true for the many in-ground pool owners who have mesh safety covers.

To help our customers combat this, we recommend adding a couple gallons of liquid pool shock under the winter cover. It is important that you use liquid in this scenario as your pump is not circulating the water, and  this will cause granular chlorine to settle at the bottom of the pool. If granular chlorine is allowed to sit on your pool liner it can bleach out the liner and  also weaken the  material.

To add your shock, peel back the pool cover at the corners and add a 1/2 gallon of liquid shock to each corner of the pool. This will elevate the ‘free available’ chlorine in the water to help fight algae growth, as well as attack any algae that has already taken hold.

At this point another option is to consider taking the cover off completely, and opening the pool early this year. The earlier you open your swimming pool the cleaner your pool will be, especially with a safety cover.

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