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Why We Use a Gunite Bottom In Our Vinyl Liner Pools (video)

The Best Materials Make The Best In-ground Pools

In The video below you will our guys putting in the gunite bottom to a recent in-ground pool installation in Danvers Massachusetts. We like to call our pools a vinyl/gunite hybrid pool and this video shows you why. When watching the end opf the video note how smooth and solid the pool base looks. It almost seems like you could fill it now before even putting in the vinyl liner.

Video of a Gunite Bottom Installation on A Vinyl Liner Pool

Why use gunite instead of vermiculite?

Vermiculite is the industry standard for vinyl liner pool bases, but that does not mean it is the best material to use. We believe that using a higher quality base material helps our customers pool liner’s last longer, and the shape and base of their pool to remain consistent for the life of the pool.

The gunite is brought in by truck dry in comparisson to a gunite pool where it is sprayed in wet and troweled. As we distribute the gunite across all the slopes of the pool we hand trowel it smooth, spray it wet, and trowel again. This process is time consuming but it is well worth it. When you are done the pool finish is smooth and free of rough spots that are common with vermiculite. It also hardens and cures harder than vermiculite which makes is much more resident to ground water washouts and pitting underneath the liner.

The extra costs incurred by using this method are well worth it in the end. Vinyl pools built with a concrete and gunite base will be stronger and last longer than those not built with this setup, not to mention a longer life out of your pool liner which helps keep cost of ownership down.

For more information on our inground pools please visit our inground pool page here

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  1. Matthew
    June 26, 2012 at 12:20 am · Reply

    What do you recommend for liner in pools in the South West? I get lots of questions from people who recently purchased foreclosed homes with pools. Many times the pools are drained and have all kinds of issues. Just curious if you recommend the same Gunite concrete process for extremely hot sunny climates.

    • admin
      June 27, 2012 at 10:19 am · Reply

      Hi Matthew,

      Generally when redoing a vermiculite bottom in a liner pool during a liner replacement or renovation we patch with the material that is there rather than dig up the whole bottom which can get very expensive, so we just patch with vermiculite.

      There is no reason why you could not re-skim the whole bottom with gunite however just a cost thing

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