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host the best hot tub party

How to be the perfect hot tub party host


Make Your Spa Inviting For Guests

host the best hot tub party

Although the current trend of hot tub ownership is leaning towards empty nesters and smaller 2-4 person spas there are still plenty out there who want to entertain with their hot tub. In fact the last 3 spas we just delivered we all 6 person open bench seating spas.

Fresh Water – Drain and Fill Your Spa

This may sound like a pain but you kind of owe it to your visitors to have fresh clean water when they come to hang out in your awesome 7 person hot tub. This is especially important if the water in your spa is more than 6 weeks old.

Now most of my customers might get confused by this because I always tell them to drain and fill every 3-4 months. This is true for moderate home use by 2 people 3 days a week. If you are going to have 5-6-7 people in you tub you will need to drain and fill it soon after anyway so might as well host your party in brand new water.

[message type=”info”] Jay’s Tip!

Invest in a 1/2hp sump pump with a 1 1/2″ hose connection. This will allow you to drain the spa in just a few minutes. Also, you don’t need to completely suck out the lines just drain, quick wipe down, and re-fill.[/message]

Balance the water perfectly

Once you have the fresh water in the hot tub you should make sure the water is perfectly balanced. Once the spa is up to temperature I recommend taking a sample to your local pool store for a complete water analysis. There they will be able to recommend the perfect amount of chemicals you need to balance the water precisely as needed so it will be ready for your visitors.

Add a Spa Side Drink Holder

Smart Bar Spa Side Drink Holder

Yes most newer spas have cup holders built into the shell but in reality those are in a very precarious position. Invest in a simple spa side bar or caddy that is easily accessible from inside the spa. They are simple to install and cost anywhere from $50-$100.

If you don’t want to buy one find a table that you can line up to theedge of the spa. Here you can have you wine and beer ready to open and if a cocktail is spilled there it won’t get into the tub…(this is probably going to happen no matter what you do read previous step above)

Encourage Seat Switching

I bet you have your favorite seat in the hot tub that you soak in every time you use the spa, but now is not the time to be greedy! As the host you should encourage everyone to switch seats periodically. Not only will this give everyone an opportunity to try out all the different jets and seating options but it gives everyone a turn in the important cool down seat.

Your friends might also be using you to demo your spa so they can buy a hot tub of their own….so let them move around a little bit.

For long spa sessions like what would occur durring a hot tub party it is important to get your heart above the water every so often. This will allow your core to cool and enjoy the spa for a longer period of time… and keep the fun going for your and your friends!

Set The Right Spa Temperature

That leads me to setting the right temperature for a long soak. There are a lot of people who love hot tubs but can not tolerate 104 degree water. This is why I suggest setting your spas temp right around 102. Most people can handle this temp and like the cooldown seat it will allow you to use the hot tub for a long period of time.

There you are everything you need…minus the booze of course to throw the best hot tub party ever!

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